It's no secret that I have quite the postage stamp collection.  It started practically enough, as I do so much product photography for wedding invitations. 

However, now collection has grown to unjustifiable proportions - it's really more of an obsession.  I'll keep any stamp that has an aesthetic appeal to me, whether it's used, foreign, or brand spanking new. 

As you can see, I store my stamps in old letterpress type trays so it is easy to pick and choose stamps for photo shoots. I'm happy to share my vintage stamp set sources for those looking to add a special touch to their wedding invitations!


Anticipate sells stamps sets and custom rubber stamps.  I've always been happy with my purchases from their shop, their packaging is amazing! Check out their vintage stamps here. 

Edelweiss Post 

Edelweiss Post honors and encourages *real mail* by offering custom unused vintage postage; wedding postage sets, & stamped stationery. Visit their etsy shop here.

Darling One

Darling One sells lots of stamps in sets of 10, which is perfect when you are building your own sets, or just want one particular stamp. Click on over to the Darling One shop.

Pack and Post 

I haven't yet purchased from this seller, but judging by their selection of vintage stamps, sales, and reviews, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them in the future. Find Pack and Post here. 

Verde Studios

I've always been happy with my purchases from this seller.  Expect a big selection, with many curated sets! Visit Verde Studio here.

Vintage Stamps as Decor

If you are looking to include stamps as decor or ephemera a great place to visit is Studio Carte.  They sell amazing collections of vintage european stamps that may be up your alley!  Buy their vintage stamps here.I hope you enjoyed this vintage stamp roundup, happy collecting!