This free wedding font combination is probably the most versatile of the bunch.  These two are just as good together at your laid back beach wedding as they are at your black tie affair. If you are thinking of designing your own wedding invitations using Word or Pages, going with these two free wedding fonts will take you far.  

So, why pick two fonts and not just one, or three, or five? It may seem like limiting yourself to two fonts will make it more difficult to create your own wedding invitation, however the opposite if true!  Nothing is harder than staring at a blank page - the endless possibilities can be daunting! Choosing two free wedding fonts that play well together give you that vital starting place to start designing, and provide you with guide rails to keep your design cohesive across all of your wedding items, from signs, to menus, and place cards. 

Looking for a wedding invitation template to using these free wedding fonts with? Check out my printable wedding invitation templates and make your invitations, place cards, menus, signs, and more!  Since they are 100% customizable in Word or Pages, you can change the colors and fonts to any you wish, including these two.

So, ready to meet these two fancy foxes?  Introducing Darleston & Theano Didot, our Perfect Match #4. 

Dareleston's hair and makeup are always perfectly on point.  Sure, she's a little high strung, but only because she likes everything to be oh so picture perfect.  Theano Didot looks perfect on her arm, dashing in black tie with a perfect smile.  When they walk in the room together everyone can't help but stop and stare.  Download Darelston and Theano Didot today and join these two at the event of the year. 

Download Darleston here

& download Theano Didot here